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Gold Anchor Gold Anchor
Fiducial marker for any soft tissue, such as lung, prostate, liver, pancreas, kidney, adrenal gland and bladder wall. Enables safe implantation through 22G or 25G needles and superior tissue attachment. Visible on MRI (T1 & T2). Ideal for SBRT.
Brainlab Brainlab
Brainlab develops software-driven medical technology integrated with Novalis® Radiosurgery, helping clinicians evolve beyond tumor control to better enhance quality of life through a combined Surgery/Radiosurgery approach.
HDR Split-Ring Applicator Combo Set
Innovative Technology and Enhanced Clinical Advantages! Facilites CT and MRI based Brachytherapy Planning! Offers Optimal ...
MAYOMOLD from CDR Systems
The MAYOMOLD is designed to allow stereotactic precision in the head and neck region. The ...
Prodigy SBRT Board
The Prodigy SBRT Board is a culmination of ideas from clinical radiation oncologists, physicists, and ...
Quality System for Radiation Oncology
<b>Quality System for Radiation Oncology</b> ROQS™ is a quality system for benchmarking treatment planning and ...
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    Very quick at getting plans done
    "We @ TAMC in Presque Isle, Maine have been working w RDS for dosime..." Read More
    December 16, 2013
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