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IMRT QA, Dosimetry, MLC QA, and QA of external beam radiotherapy are the focus of The RIT113 software. RIT provides software for medical physicists in Radiation Therapy and Diagnostic Imaging. Since 1993 the RIT113 Dosimetry Software is the standard for complete physics QA of all external beam therapies including conventional, IMRT/IGRT, SRS, and SBRS. The software tools include standard beam measurements, F&S, Starshot, Winston Lutz, electron energy; MLC QA; and IMRT plan/measurement comparison. In addition to traditional film dosimetry, RIT113 can use Portal Imagers, Chamber and Diode Arrays, CR, and bang gel as measurement inputs. Scripts allow automation and reporting in a variety of formats. For Diagnostic Imaging RIT supplies Radia software for ACR accreditation of CT and MR and for TG142 compliance with OBI CT.