Patient Positioning, Motion Monitoring and Gating Products from C-RAD are distinguished by a high level of innovation achieved by close collaboration with prominent research institutes and by developing a high level of competence within key areas such as software development in radiation physics.

The C-RAD Sentinel is an advanced system for surface contour localization and monitoring of the patient in the radiotherapy treatment process with sophisticatd 4DCT and LINAC gating capabilities.
The Catalyst system consists of a next generation optical surface scanning and re-projection hardware device coupled with a highly optimized application software designed for work-flow integration. Requiring minimal user interaction, the Catalyst acts as an always present decision support system where the required information is projected directly on the couch or patient. The system s high performance provides immediate and real-time feedback, which means that the therapist can keep focusing on ensuring the best possible patient comfort and treatment outcome. The highly optimized non-rigid surface registration algorithms in the Catalyst system enable the real-time and continuous tracking of any motion of the patient s skin surface, without requiring the presence of any markers or tattoos. This allows any setup errors to be immediately detected and provides information on any movement during treatment delivery.